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Your website is kind of like your home. You can’t just build it, leave it for months on end, and then expect everything to be still working right and looking nice.


Your business’s website, just like your home, needs constant upkeep and, occasionally, a little TLC.


OLEA will give your current website a deep clean, a total overhaul, or a brand new build. 

Ready to get started?

Image by Domenico Loia

Think of your business's website as your living room. Your living room is where people gather when they meet you for the first time, where they find out the basics about you, and where they can find out the best ways to connect with you. 

A good website needs to accomplish the same things as a living room. It needs to be functional, beautiful, clean, and organized.


Your website is there to serve a specific purpose: connecting with your audience and communicating your value.


So whether you're building a site from scratch or have one that needs some TLC, OLEA is there to work with you through the entire process.

What You Can Expect

1.  Conduct a Website Audit

OLEA helps you take inventory of your website. 

We ask questions like:

  • Is your website functional? 

  • Is your website organized?

  • Does your website communicate your brand’s voice?

  • What audience(s) are you currently reaching?

  • What do your competitors’ websites look like?


These questions help us get a full look at your goals and vision for your new website.

2.  Create a Website Strategy

Once we have a clear idea of the current status of your “living room,” we can decide what your goals for it should be. Then, we can use all the tools we’ve got to get you there! Whether it’s shifting your audience, adding more information to your website, or overhauling your layout to make it more user-friendly.​

3.  Provide Website Training

Don’t worry; we’re not just going to leave you hanging after this whole process is over! Because OLEA Solutions believes that a job like this is never really done, we provide website training along the way and offer consulting services even after your site goes live. That way you never have to panic if something goes awry. 

We cover topics like:

  • Integrating your branding throughout your site

  • Learning Search Engine Optimization (SEO) basics

  • Using platforms like Squarespace and Wix

  • Optimizing your site for the mobile experience

  • Using Google Analytics to track how your site is performing


So what are you waiting for? Give us a call and lets start designing your living room...we!

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