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Adonis Selected Oil's Brand identity


First Impressions Matter

Your business is unique, just like your home, so why would you approach the branding of your business using a cookie-cutter template?  


At OLEA, we approach every business differently when it comes to branding because your look is all yours, not your competitors.


Let us help you create a one-of-a-kind brand style guide that will set you apart and accurately represent your company.

Ready to take your brand to the next level?

If you’ve ever gone house-hunting, you know that as soon as you see the exterior of a house, you're sure to make a quick judgment about it. You’re probably looking for something specific: a nicely maintained yard, a nice exterior paint job, or even a beautifully painted white picket fence to top it all off. Maybe you’re looking for some character: a daring paint color, a cozy front porch, or some retro design details.

Whatever you’re looking for, you know it when you see it. And your customers are the same way.

Like a house’s exterior, your business’s branding is what gives your customers their first impression. That means that every part of your branding counts: from the logo, colors and fonts you use to your messaging and user experience.

What You Can Expect

1.  Conduct a Branding Audit + Questionnaire

Before we can get to the fun part of designing (or redesigning) your Brand, we want to really get to know you and your business's purpose first. We do this by conducting a brand audit.

Some of the questions we like to ask are...

  • What do all the aspects of your current brand look like?

  • How does your Brand look to outsiders?

  • What's your Brand's purpose?

  • Is your branding consistent on all platforms where you connect with your customers?

  • What do your competitors' branding strategies look like?

  • We even have you fill out an in-depth questionnaire about your Brand; that way, you have a say in every aspect of your branding, down to the language and colors we choose!

2.  Create Your Brand

Branding is all about knowing how you want to make your customers feel from the very first moment they see you.


We work closely with you to help build a brand that feels personal, unique, and attractive. That includes coming up with things like:

  • Messaging

  • Multiple logo options (if needed)

  • Brand-specific colors and fonts to be used throughout online and print materials

  • Website design or total revamp

  • Social Media branding

3.  Provide a Brand Style Guide

OLEA is here to help at every step of the process, even after we finish your project.


To help you maintain a consistent image, we leave you with a brand style guide that contains all of the materials we develop together, as well as some tips, tricks, and guidelines to reference as you build your business.

Ready to give your brand an HGTV-worthy makeover? We’d love to hear from you.

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