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Are you struggling to engage with your customers through email? Are your emails coming across as "spammy"? Is your subscriber list filled with people who don't seem to care?


Email marketing can be tricky.


At OLEA, we help you craft email campaigns that stand out, get opened and bypass the nasty "spam" folder.


Email marketing is highly effective when done right.

Ready to get your emails working for you?


It’s time to invite your customers to the next level.

When a customer signs up for your email list, they walk upstairs and enter a whole different part of your metaphorical “house.” The folks who sign up for your business’s email list are your insiders, your true fans. They’re the ones who have already given you a big YES!

That means they’re looking for different content than the people who are just passing by. They want to see the “behind-the-scenes” of your business. And the good news is that email marketing is a super-effective way to grow your base of loyal patrons.


OLEA is here to simplify and streamline your email marketing strategy so that you’re not spending hours each week writing emails that get sent to spam folders.

What You Can Expect

1.  Conduct a Email Marketing Audit

If your inbox and outgoing mail feel like a mess, don’t worry! We’re here to help you make sense of it all and clean it out.


Along the way, we’ll figure out:

  • Who your emails are reaching—and who they aren’t reaching

  • Which subscribers you should be focusing on

  • The best way to clean up and segment your current list of subscribers


Basically, we get all the dust bunnies and old food wrappers out of your inbox and make room for something awesome!

2.  Create a Email Marketing Strategy

Any small business’s or nonprofit’s email marketing strategy needs to be two things: simple and streamlined.


OLEA helps this become a reality for you by:

  • Determining your target audience

  • Brainstorming what kinds of content you should create for your subscribers

  • Using HubSpot or Mailchimp to organize your email marketing campaigns

  • Creating timesaving email templates

  • Writing effective emails for your campaign(s)

3.  Provide Email Marketing Training

But that isn’t all. We want you in on the magic, too! With our help, you’ll learn how to use Hubspot or Mailchimp, write your own emails and templates, and brainstorm content. And if you ever get lost or accidentally click a button and erase everything, we’ve got you covered with our consultation services.

So don’t be afraid to invite your insiders to the next level of your business. Contact us today so we can help you email with confidence!

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